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Canoeing Cardigan

Welcome to Cardigan Bay Active

Booking Portal

"Cardigan Bay Active prides itself in offering a wide range of adventure activities which are fun, 

safe and showcase the best of what our natural landscapes have to offer"

Cardigan Bay Active was set up in the spring of 2011 to bring you closer to the best that Ceredigion and North Pembrokeshire have to offer. We provide great activities at specially selected sites to offer you great experiences during your time here, which will allow you to explore this wondrous area of Wales.

If you would like to make a booking on one of our great adventures. 

You just need to choose which activity you would like, select the date and follow the prompts to get booked onto the session by adding how many people of each age category followed by following the basket to the confirmation and payment page.

When adding a phone number please add a mobile number in case we need to contact you during your holiday, this will happen if there is a need to change the activity venue due to unusual / adverse weather conditions. 

After you are booked on confirmation and directions for the activity will be sent by email to the address you have given along with relevant information regarding the session. 

If the session you are trying to book onto does not have enough space or the session is full please call the office and we will aim to get another session made to accommodate you. Alternatively we have other dates and activities for you to choose from. 

If you are having trouble using the system or have any questions please call on 01239 612133

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