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Paddle Safer Award: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Paddle Safer Award: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Paddle Safer Award: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Have you bought yourself a new paddle board or are thinking about buying one? If you're a new or novice paddle boarder & want to start raising your awareness of paddling safely then the Paddle Safer Award is for you! This 2 hour certificated course will help you to develop your knowledge around equipment & environmental factors, planning your paddles as well as practical self-rescues, giving you confidence on the water for you, your friends & your family.

This award is delivered by a qualified, female instructor and is suitable for individuals, couples, families and groups, ages 10+ who really want to get into paddling! No experience is necessary and all equipment can be provided. This course is for a maximum of 6 persons for a great learning environment and you will come away with two certificates, the British Canoeing Paddle Safer Award and the British Canoeing Paddle Start Award! These awards can also be used towards skills & achievement awards in youth organisations such as the Guides and the Scouts.

Fancy more of a fun paddle boarding session without all the seriousness? Check out our Stand Up Paddle Boarding Discovery Tour where you can learn how to stand up paddle board and explore our beautiful River Teifi!