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Climbing and Abseiling at Llandysul

Climbing and Abseiling at Llandysul

Climbing and Abseiling at Llandysul

Based in a woodland crag just outside the village of Llandysul, our climbing sessions will help you get to grips with the basics of climbing and abseiling. Whether you are new to the sport, or if you have clocked up a few hours on a climbing wall or crag, then this session will help you to master the basics of safety and technique, and our experienced instructors can coach you throughout the experience.
Its a nice little venue which lends its self well to the adventurous people looking for a quite spot to play. The climbs are suitable for all abilities to have a go. 
With it being a woodland crag its a little muddy and green but a fantastic spot all the same.

We meet in the local village, at this point you will meet your instructor and travel to the crag in convoy. You continue in your car for roughly 5 min till parking on a verge by the crag.
Just select a date that works for you and follow the instructions to get yourself booked on. If you can't find the right date for you, or there are not enough spaces left, then please call our booking office and our team will do their best to help or to create another session for you. If you need any help or want to contact us at any stage then give us a call on  01239 612133.